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Maintaining a home can be difficult , but we can help! Today I’m giving you 3 home tips that you can check on your plumbing system RIGHT NOW!

1.) Main shut off valve: Did you about half of our customer have no idea how to turn off the water to their home in an emergency? Its true! Such a simple item can spell disaster if you don’t know where your valve is. If you have a crawlspace, unfortunately it’s most likely in there next to about 30 crickets and 2 black widow spiders. Look for a 1” to 1.25” line that comes out of the ground and you should either find a gate valve which has a round handle or a ball valve which has a long lever handle. 

           If you have a basement you will likely find this main valve near the water heater in the mechanical room. Once you have located the valve , now you should test turning it off. Now I will warn you , if you have a gate valve they do break frequently and  may need to be replaced if it is broken, so you should exercise caution. 

Gate valve 3 tips you need to check on your plumbing now main valve shut my water off how to

If you have a gate valve turn it clockwise until it stops turning . This will take several turns, but be careful not to overtighten the valve or it could break. 

If you have a ball valve , turn the lever one quarter turn clockwise. You should feel the valve handle stop once in the closed position. 

Ball valve how to turn off my water to my home quarter turn shut off valve

2.) Washing machine hoses: 

         Did you know washing machine hoses (particularly rubber hoses) need replaced every 5 years? In fact , many hoses will have the replace by date on them. 

       Replacing the washing machine hoses is a simple process. Turn off your hot and cold water valves to the washer. Set a towel behind the machine to help catch water that will come out of the hoses once detached. Start the washer on warm to relieve the pressure. Use pliers to carefully remove the hoses from the machine first and then the shut off valves . 

       Install your new hoses rubber or stainless steel in the reverse order. If you need a new set of hoses this is a great set for $22

3.) Icemaker hose: 

           Since the early 2000’s plumbing pros have been using stainless steel icemaker hoses. They are braided stainless steel and protect the actual water hose on the inside from damage. Before that time however you would see copper or plastic. 

      Copper lines are actually pretty good as long as they were installed in a long coil to prevent kinking, but we strongly  recommend stainless steel for best reliability.

     Plastic lines are by far the worst choice. The heat created by the refrigerator can cause the line to have micro cracks often causing thousands of dollars worth of property damages.

      Thankfully , changing the line is a simple process. Turn off the valve behind the refridgerator. Lay a towel on the floor to catch any water. Using the chilled water button , relieve the pressure. Remove the hose from the icemaker first , taking care not to twist the plastic valve on the rear of the icemaker. Then remove the side on the shut off valve . Attach your new stainless steel icemaker hose to the valve first. Next grab a 5 gallon bucket and insert the hose into the bucket . Carefully turn on the valve and flush 2 gallons of water out of the new line to prevent debris from getting into the icemaker. Next attach to icemaker And check for leaks. 

      Pro tip , dry the connections well and place a paper towel under the connections. Wait 5 min and inspect For leaks.. Take care not to kink your hose when pushing the fridge back.  

      If you need a good quality icemaker hose here is a great choice from FLUIDMASTER.

Of course, we are a full service plumbing service company , so should you feel this isn’t a task for you we are happy to help!

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