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In our area sewage costs is very expensive and a running toilet may be costing you a lot of money. Toilets can leak more than 200 gallons per day and often times go unnoticed because the water simply drains into the bowl and into the sewer system without the homeowner knowing. 

               A simple dye test can let you know if your toilet is costing you big. You can buy 20 dye tablets from amazon through this link

To preform your test follow these steps : 

1.) Remove toilet tank lid and place on a surface that can’t be damaged

2.) Flush your toilet one time and allow it to refill

3.) Open dye tablet and drop into tank next to the handle

4.) Reinstall tank lid

5.) Wait 15 minutes

6.) Return to toilet and open the lid of the bowl

7.) If water is clear I have great news! Your toilet is not leaking internally. If your water is blue you have some more work to do.

       At this point the most common cause is a toilet flapper issue. Take a picture of your toilet flapper and inside of the tank. Go to your local hardware store and an associate can help you locate the appropriate materials. If your toilet is over 5 years old you may want to consider replacing all of the tank components. Here is a link to a kit that works with many toilets of course you will need to verify the parts 

      Did you know that we offer complimentary toilet dye testing on our service calls? Just ask one of our technicians and we will happy to do this for you.    

Just give us a call or send a text message to 540-222-1498 , and as always Stress Less! Call The Plumbing Express!