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How long do water heaters last is a question we get quite often. The answer can be complicated because different water conditions can cause premature failure. In our experience most water heaters with normal conditions will last 15 years. Once a water heater has reached 15 years old , we advise to replace the tank. The main issue with repairing a heater that is more than 15 years old is that they are more likely to have a catastrophic failure. Lets try a scenarion: your water heater has been under pressure for 15 years and you decide to have a repair done. The tank is relieved of pressure and the tank may need to be drained. Repairs are then made and the tank is refilled and re-pressurized. This can cause a failure of the tank due to the additional stress on a already aging water heater. Additionally most water heater failures occur during the winter this is due to lower incoming water temperature which causes the heater to run for longer periods of time. Here are 3 tips to help avoid property damage due to a water heater leak

1.) Make sure your water heater is in a pan ; water heater pans can significantly reduce property damage in the event of a failure. Typically they have a drain that runs outside the home or into a floor drain. If your water heater is not in a pan you should strongly consider having a professional install one for you. Give us a call at 540-222-1498

2.) Order and install a water leak alarm: This inexpensive water alarm could save you thousands in water damages . It features a sealed battery that lasts 2-3 years. Installing it is ver simple with the included 3m adhesive backing. Simply set in the water heater pan and press to the side of the heater.

3.) Know where your main shut off valve is and learn how to shut down your water heater: Many people do not know where their shut off valve is in an emergency . All adults in the home should be taught where this is and how to use it. If you notice your water heater is leaking shut off the incoming water supply , shut off gas , shut off electric. Once this is done open a hot water tap in the home to relieve the pressure. This will limit how much water leaks from the heater. Of course now call call your locally trusted experts at The Plumbing Express 540-222-1498