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Garbage disposals serve a very important function in our homes. Their main purpose is to grind food up fine enough that the solid waste can be carried out through the sewage system reducing the environmental impact. There are many manufactures, but , pretty much owns the market. I’ve never met another professional who installs anything else. ISE owns the market so much so ,many other companies have ISE manufacture a disposal and they simply put their sticker on it.

On to the fun part! Let’s get you on your way to deciding which professional garbage disposal is right for you !

Standard Series 

Most homes will have a standard series disposal installed when the home is built. It’s usually going to be 1/3 hp (cheapest, gotta love builders) capable enough to grind a small amount of food. Standard series garbage disposals are made of galvanized metal which is strong , but rusts easily. Standard garbage disposals are a little noisy , running about 80 decibels is about as noisy as a diesel truck passing by. These units are reliable and last 6-10 years. A standard disposal will cost approximately $100 – $130 depending on where you purchase, and we recommend purchasing at least a 1/2 hp model. Standard models also have a 1 to 3 year warranty. 

Power Series:

In the mid range category is the power series. These units feature galvanized ,and stainless components so they are less likely to rust and corrode. They are more powerful and capable. Available in 1/2 hp to 1 hp they will deliver a consistent grind and performance for years to come. They are backed by a 6 to 7 year warranty , making them a good long term garbage disposal. They sell for $140 – $160 and are similar noises level to the standard series.

Quiet Series: 

The quiet series garbage disposals are the BEST! Made of high quality stainless steel internal components these units can take a beating. They feature multiple grinding chambers to ensure things like small bones are no match. If this unit senses a jam in the disposal , the unit will self reverse, and clear the jam. The quiet series garbage disposals are about 50 decibels of sound which is comparable to a normal conversation volume at home. Featuring 8 to 10 year warranties these disposals should meet your needs for quite some time. They range in cost from $199 to $320 

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